If cake for dinner is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Though I might have felt slightly ashamed when caught eating it.

Some fun things I have learned here in Mexico:
1. It is perfectly acceptable to turn left out of the right lane. And vice versa.
2. When out for a visit, if you do not know someone's apartment number, there is absolutely nothing wrong with pressing all of the buttons to figure it out by rigorous personal interview and process of elimination.
3. Plans must be made in advance. And then you must remind the people of the plans they have made. You might see them.
4. Valentine's Day is infinitely better when friendships are emphasized.
5. If you invite someone out, you have just volunteered to pay.
6. Running a red light is only wrong if it is an important red light. Even so, it may be acceptable in time of need, such as, but not limited to, needing to jump in front of that great big truck in your lane.
7. Rooftops are totally dogs' natural habitats.
8. Not willingly eating strips of pickled pig skin is fairly shocking behavior.
9. In a pinch, a whole family can get around on a bicycle (serious sense of balance going on here).
10. Generosity is unending.

This morning, my friend and I went to San Bernardo, where we heard a lesson on Genesis 3 and the effect of the Fall on all of our relationships. We then played charades where we had to act out movies while our teams guessed. I volunteered and got 101 Dalmatians. And my team was awesome and totally got it when I got down on the floor and acted like a puppy. I have no dignity. Then we had a Valentine's Day gift-giving presentation, and ladies had each brought little gifts to give to other ladies. I hadn't known about it in advance, but I had some of the chocolates I was going to give to the girl yesterday, so it turned out that I was prepared. Carmen, the lady I spoke to when we were prayer walking with the team, came over and gave me a candy bar, so I got to give her the chocolates. It was really sweet. A lot of the ladies gave each other valentines, and then they talked about why they had chosen to give that particular lady a valentine. I so enjoyed seeing them show each other love.

When the time finished, I had to run and catch Carmen so I could tell her thank you for my valentine. She was really sweet, told me about when the family ministering there had first started that church and they had met under a tree for their prayer meeting. She said that there had been a rumor that that family was stealing children, and that her family was the only one to send its children to them to learn. I think they've all become Christians. And there's a difference in their faces and attitudes, because they really are a family of peace. She invited me to come back any time, to any of their houses. Pretty amazing.

Tomorrow morning I'm going through the 14 Eras in Sunday school. I've not been able to concentrate well, but I do have the outline, and I'm totally going to use it to cheat. Please pray for me with this!

Thank you for praying!

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J. Owen May said...

Loving that list, and praying for you!