Awesome teenagers.
Hi guys,
Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. Just in case you were wondering, I have not been killed and eaten, nor captured and sold for profit. What I have been doing:

  • I shared the 14 Eras on Sunday in the ladies' sunday school. It seems to have gone well; one lady came to me and thanked me for sharing, said it clarified some things for her. I won't lie, though; it was crazy, trying to go through that in Spanish.
  • The youth of CPD came over for pizza and games on Sunday afternoon. I introduced them to Spoons, and they played a few rounds, until people started getting injured trying to get the spoons. Then it was competitive Jenga. I love teenagers.
  • My last two Spanish classes seem to have gone well. My friend and I tried to find our way to an art museum on Monday, but it was closed, so we ended up watching a movie in a newly built theater. My friends, there were leather recliners, swivel tables, and waiters. It is a different world. The movie itself, The Book Thief, was super weird--narrated by Death.
  • Yesterday my friend and I got to go back to the Centro and see the light show on the Expiatorio. It was pretty cool. Then we went to a restaurant where you can buy ostrich for dinner. That is a future goal.
  • Today we went to this crazy market called the Mercado, where we passed this one stall selling dried shrimp and some weird chalk stuff. I asked what it was, and they told me that it was "tierra that pregnant ladies eat." Then they told me I should try it. It's some kind of magnesium thing--like the stuff in Pepto Bismol. Super gross and weird.
  • We finally made it to the art museum today, which was beautiful. There were a ton of reproductions of Greek and Roman marbles, and an exhibit of Spanish painters, of which I was not allowed to take photographs. 
It's interesting what filters into the culture here. There's this lady at my friend's gym, who has asked my friend to do Bible study with her and her children. She was telling us yesterday about her friend who does reiki (Japanese energy manipulation stuff) and about seres de luz ("beings of light"). She's very into a lot of this stuff. Please pray for wisdom for my friend and me in encountering people who invest their lives in these kinds of things.

I leave tomorrow to come back to the States. It doesn't feel real right now, frankly. I don't know what the next step is, but I do really want to come back here. I would appreciate prayer for that.

Thank you for praying!


pink-briefcase.com said...

I like how you assume that upon capture you would be sold for profit. :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, MB. Thanks.