Getting ready for the Day of Love and Friendship

Today was good. We had our English hour at Krispy Kreme, and a lady showed up who hadn't been there before. We went through Genesis 2. This afternoon, my friend went out and picked up groceries and things, and I stayed home and finished my outline of the 14 Eras for Sunday school. The next step is to learn how to go through it without looking all the time at my notes. Need prayer for that.

This evening, my friend and I had delicious salads and then put together a cake; she had baked it and frozen it, and she made chocolate cream cheese icing (everyone should know someone who can do that) and then started icing the cake. The next step is to make chocolate-covered strawberries for the top. We did a practice batch, and we might have eaten a couple. And maybe a banana in chocolate. And maybe licked the spoon and the chocolate bowl (in fairness, the last two were all me). The cake is for tomorrow night's Valentine's Day event, which some of our CPD friends are hosting in their house with the goal of bringing a group together to form the embryo of a church. Please pray for this time tomorrow. Most of the people coming are lost; please pray especially that God would work in some men.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading out to the Centro with Irma to visit the girl that I met at the dance two Wednesdays ago. Valentine's Day here is actually "Day of Love and Friendship," so I look forward to going out and extending some friendship to this girl. Please pray for an open door for that.

Thank you for praying!

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