Confession time: for all that I can talk about speaking some Farsi, I was never fully immersed in Farsi. It was a ton easier to live in Canada, logistically, than it is here. I never had to use my Farsi to host guests in my home. I never had to conduct conversations entirely in Farsi (though I could have some conversations at about the same level as I'm having here). I could live and minister primarily in my native language. Being here is a shock to the system. At moments, I feel like I can't do anything, and I really don't know how to improve all the Spanish I need for specific situations.

A group of people came over yesterday to talk to me--I thought it was supposed to be about singing English songs with them during the women's Bible study this morning. It wasn't; they wanted to work out some kind of skit or something to do in front of teenagers, scheduled at a time when I can't come. I don't know all the hosting niceties, so I had just asked them directly when they came over, what did they want to do. Once we had established that I couldn't help them, they stayed, very awkwardly, for about another hour, so I tried to think of ways to make conversation. It was difficult.

I gave my friend a rundown on the meeting, and she told me that it actually went better than I had thought. If I compare it with what would have happened three weeks ago, then it is fairly amazing, how much I was able to understand and communicate (though extremely roughly) in the meeting.

I really miss my family and friends. I do miss being surrounded by the familiar. But I'm happy to be here, and I hope I make good use of the time I do have.

Today we head to the women's Bible study, then to pick the team up from the airport. Please pray for us and the team as they come. Pray for strength, health, boldness, and open doors for the gospel. We will be doing a lot of prayer walking and gospel distribution, so pray for literal open doors as well as open doors in people's hearts.

Thank you for praying!

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