Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

So last night my friend and I were praying for her birthday, and she mentioned that her sister had sent her a gift, but she was worried she wasn't ever going to receive it. We prayed about it. Guess what came to the door today? Her sister's package! Total answer to prayer.

Prayer request, of sorts: the place where my friend lives is a gated community, with watchmen (kind of) at the front, to let cars come and go. The mail also generally comes through them. The watchmen are sketchy at best. They sleep through the night, and some of them are kind of creepy. Currently they seem not to be talking to us. Don't know what that's all about. One of them kept trying to talk to me, and I was in a hurry, and he seemed to get offended--and I had managed to offend one of them the other day anyway. They seem very touchy. The first night I got in, this one guy rode up to where my friend and I were unpacking the car and started talking a lot, started asking questions. I didn't know who he was or what he was doing, so I did my best not to make eye contact and to get my stuff inside. He asked my friend if I was mad at him. Like a conversation with an unknown bearded man at 1 AM is a normal thing.

I guess the request is either for new watchmen who do their jobs or just a better relationship with the current ones, and that they would do their jobs. And that the watchmen would genuinely be watching for the benefit of the community.

Today was hugely productive, for a chill day. We bought the food for the team and cleaned all the vegetables (no e. coli for you guys!), got logistical things sorted out for next week. Tomorrow is my friend's birthday. I hope it's really a blessing. I'm also supposed to meet with some different teenagers tomorrow afternoon to work on some song stuff for Saturday morning. Def. need prayer for that. I also have to prepare a talk for Sunday morning, so I'll need to be diligent with my time tomorrow. Please pray for that too. :)

Thank you for praying!

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