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The team arrived this afternoon, sans a couple of bags, but otherwise sound. I am so glad they're here! We took them back to my friend's house for orientation, then took them to the feria, exposing them to the lights, sound, and incredible number of people. I hope this trip is as much of a blessing to them as they have already been to us.

One fun thing that happened at the feria was that we went to the livestock section, and this man was holding a rope attached to a massive bull with incredibly large horns, and he let go of the rope. The bull began to lurch toward some of the people standing nearby, and I turned to the team, going full-out Africa, and was ready to tell them we needed to book it, when the man said something to the bull, and it knelt down on the ground and let him climb onto its saddle. Never a dull moment at the feria.

This morning was much better than yesterday. I hung out with the ladies in San Bernardo, and my friend recited Genesis 1 in Spanish to teach them, and it really was a sweet time. I'm not culture shocking as hard as I was yesterday. Very grateful for that.

Tomorrow will be busy. Church starts at 10, with my friend teaching Sunday school, and then sometime during the service I'll be heading downstairs with the girls again, teaching on a world religion. Please pray for that. I'll also be singing "I Can Only Imagine" in Spanish, and my friend will share her testimony briefly during the service. Pray for that as well. :)

Good times at the feria
Tomorrow evening we'll be prayer walking in Via Magna, where the couple from CPD wants to start a church, and then we'll be coming back with the IBC team, the CPD missions team, and some other friends, to have tamales--a special celebration they hold on February 2 every year. I'm pretty excited about that, and the tamales smell amazing.

Thank you for your prayers!

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