The Breakfast

This morning I went to the ladies' breakfast in San Bernardo, and it was a really neat time. I'm not sure how many ladies there were, but there were probably at least forty. We ate breakfast together, then the leader played guitar and sang for a time of worship. We sang one song about gathering before God's throne to praise and adore Him, to bow down in front of Him, and it was so sweet to be there, singing with those ladies, that I couldn't sing because my throat closed up and I teared up. I love getting to worship with other cultures; it reminds me of the promises of the nations gathering together one day to praise God in perfect unity.

After the singing they called me up to speak, and my friend introduced me. I read my speech (though hopefully with enough animation not to be terribly boring), and the ladies seemed to respond. The leader tied in what I said with her own message, which was pretty cool--and also meant that I had managed to communicate something effectively. Anyway, I think it went well. I think at least it wasn't bad for my friend's relationship with the church, which is positive.

The rest of the day was slower. We came home, ate lunch, chilled and watched a movie, then my friend went to a church business meeting that lasted almost four hours (Ay!), while I stayed home and conjugated verbs, tried to find interesting things to start reading in Spanish, and washed the dishes.

I'm heading to bed.

Tomorrow I have to speak to the kids' class about missions, then my friend and I are going to San Bernardo to check out that church. I don't know much about the rest of the day, except she has a missions group meeting from CPD (first church) in the evening.

Pray for refreshing for both our spirits, and for wisdom for the church in looking for a pastor.

Thank you!

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