Talking about eating caterpillars will get you everywhere. I highly recommend it as a conversation starter. This morning I talked about eating caterpillars (orugas), among other things, with the girls at the CPD Sunday School. They were really sweet, listened very patiently to my horrible Spanish. All three of them want to become missionaries. I've been asked to teach again the next several weeks, and to share more about my time in Canada. I need wisdom for that.

As this was my second Sunday at CPD, I had to introduce myself again. I was ratted out by one of the teenagers. Turns out, if you're a visitor at CPD, you have to introduce yourself three weeks in a row. I have to ask my Spanish teacher to teach me a joke for next week. He doesn't seem like the sort of person who necessarily tells a lot of jokes, but you never really know.

I spent the afternoon with a family from the church, ate delicious food (cactus is awesome), tried some horchata, and watched Hotel Transylvania in Spanish. It's a funny movie. My friend picked me up for the missions committee (not really the right word for it, but I can't think of anything at the moment), and we engaged in a group brainstorming session. I love watching these people be so extremely willing to try things to reach their people. I love their hearts.

The family that took me out to lunch also shared their testimonies with me, and I was just blown away. I may write about that in the future, but suffice it to say, it is always awesome to hear other Christians' testimonies.

Tomorrow I have class in the morning, and my friend will be at the gym. Please pray for my teacher and her instructor, that we will have fruitful conversations. We will be heading out in the afternoon to do some prayer walking, then we will be going to two Bible studies, at which I have to play and sing in Spanish, especially because I gave this one guy a hard time last week. I'm pretty excited, though. Also, a group of teenagers at the church want to go to the feria with me not this Tuesday but the next, and I'm way excited about that. I just feel like there might be good clean shenanigans, with teenagers involved. :)

Thank you for praying for me!

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