So much fruit--but the regular kind :)

I have this vivid memory of when we were very young, in Zimbabwe, and Jonathan had had a nosebleed during the night, had sneezed, and had ended up with a spray of blood on the wall. Every now and then I'm afraid I'm going to do that. It's that dry here. Too much information?

Obviously today has been a long day--but productive! I got to go to a local restaurant and conjugate verbs for a while (trying to do my homework as part of having a good testimony in front of my teacher), and I got to talk with the owner and her sister for a little while. It was nice. Then my friend and I made three home visits, reconnected with some of her people, went to Bible study (the little boy who had surgery last Sunday is doing very well), bought fruit for tomorrow's potluck breakfast, went to prayer meeting, and then stayed up chopping fruit--and in my case, correcting and reading my devotion for tomorrow. Busy day.

Please pray for me! I'm going to be reading the devotion, because I can't possibly handle that much Spanish at one go, but reading something is usually extremely boring. Pray that people would be interested anyway? Pray that God would work through my weakness. Pray that this would be a good connection for my friend to be able to minister with these people.

Thank you for praying!

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