Mole mole mole!

I will have you know that I did not, in fact, conjugate verbs today--though it had been part of my plan. Tomorrow is another day.

This morning my friend and I went to Krispy Kreme for English hour--and we spoke English together for about 45 minutes while we waited for someone to show. I will say that it is the fanciest Krispy Kreme I've ever seen in my life. I need to go back and take pictures for you. It's inspired. And when I go back I'm insisting on buying a donut straight off the conveyor belt. It must be so.

Since I had time to spare, I was able to talk with family and friends, which was awesome. Then I hung out with my friend for a bit before we went to a lady's house for lunch. She made soup, and chicken and rice with mole negro, which is a sauce with ground almonds and cocoa in it. It was super rich and delicious. We talked as a group about food, and found out that somewhere to the south they eat a kind of caterpillar, so I got to tell them about amacembe. So much street cred. The rest of the evening was pretty slow. My friend and I read John 6 in Spanish and prayed together.

My cultural faux pas of the day: here friends greet and say goodbye by kind of taking hold of each other's upper arms, leaning in to the left, and air-kissing (kind of) each other's cheeks. One kiss, one cheek. No mas. Well . . . when we left the lady's house this afternoon, my friend and I air-kissed everyone, starting with the lady, then her daughter, then her son, who's probably middle school age. I was tired and made like two kissing noises when I finally got to the son. Super awkward. I apologized and told them I've been working with middle easterners and am basically confused at this point, and they understood. But. You know. Awkward.

Please pray for us over the next couple of days. There are too many things to do, frankly. I have a lot of homework to do for Monday, and my friend is maxed out on her schedule. Pray for help for our schedules and for wisdom in what to prioritize. Pray for Bible study time tomorrow. Pray for Saturday's breakfast, and for our health and safety as we eat uncertain foods. Pray for wisdom as we both interact with people and as I speak in front of the group. I've got a speech written out, and I will be reading it, as it is too complicated to try to remember the whole thing in Spanish.

Thank you!

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