My friend and I have made a daily habit of praying together, generally just before we head to bed. One of the really neat things we have seen is that God has been answering our prayers. Her friend who just found out she has cancer has had an inexplicable peace. The tests show that the cancer hasn't spread to the rest of her body. Other friends are returning to their field of service after being Stateside. We had prayed that coming back would feel like coming home, that their children would feel at home. When they got back, they felt at home driving in the streets, and people waved at them and were glad to see them again. The local playground had been renovated to include a water park for kids, and their kids were delighted to be back. Answered prayers.

I have loved watching God answer prayers; it reminds us that He listens to us and cares about our friends. That He loves us. That He walks with us through difficult situations.

My friend made a contact in her gym today--a lady from Bolivia who has invited her to come teach the Bible to her family on Tuesday. Answered prayers.

Please continue to pray for the harvest here. Pray for open doors. Pray that God would open hearts in anticipation of the IBC team's coming, and in anticipation of the new work. Pray for one area of the city where we'll be prayer walking with the team. There's no work there, in the whole area, and nobody's ever encountered people of peace there.

Thank you for your prayers.

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