Muy Padre!

I've decided (this is completely arbitrary) that there are two kinds of people in Mexico: those that describe tons of things as muy padre, and those who don't. Muy padre is a modismo that indicates that something is pretty cool. For instance, the hairdresser I visited today thinks that Canada is muy padre. My friend at prayer meeting tonight who liked the pink streaks in my hair said that my rayitos are muy padre. I kind of love it.

Today was a pretty fun day. In addition to getting a hair cut and a dye wash, I got to walk with my friend around this huge lake in the northern part of the city, and we had some Chinese food, and we went prayer walking with a lady, and we had Bible study, and then we went to a prayer meeting. Tomorrow morning we're going to this other Bible study, and then (hopefully) I'll make it to Cristo for music practice tomorrow evening with the teenagers. I'm supposed to speak to the girls' class again on Sunday morning, so I need to figure out what to say.

A very cool thing: my friend who liked my hair, E, has an amazing touch of God on her life, where people just ask her to teach them the Bible. On Wednesday, she couldn't make it to prayer walking, because of a doctor's appointment. While she was at the appointment, she was reading her Bible, and a lady started to ask her about it. She talked to the lady about it, told her she could meet with her to teach her, and then another lady asked her to meet with her as well! Pretty much amazing. I'm loving seeing God at work here.

Please pray for open doors for the gospel, for new people of peace, for blessing on the work as God draws people to Himself.

Thank you for praying!

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