Off the map

Today was a slower day. We ended up not getting to meet our friend for the prayer walk, so we opted to leave the house later and find this area that my friend wants to partner with a local church to work in. It is literally off the map. Once we drove out, we kept getting farther and farther out of the city, with less and less to work with. We think we finally know where the area is, but we'll definitely have to come back to do our prayer walk there.

We also went to the feria to give G a Bible, but he wasn't there. His brother was, and it was kind of weird when we (I) asked about G. Like, I promise we're not stalking your brother weird. Oh well. We did get to have two really good conversations with two ladies, which was great.

I have to correct some information from yesterday's post: I don't have about 130 verbs to conjugate; I have 149. It's a lot. So to distract myself today I found some short science fiction stories in Spanish and opted to translate one. It's very different from translating the Bible. When I translate the NT, I already know what it's going to say. Translating an unknown story is like slowly peeling away layers to expose the insides. Turns out, in the second paragraph, someone gets decapitated. But I can't stop now, because I want to know how it ends. Ay.

Tonight at Bible study was really fun. It turns out I'm supposed to lead the Bible study next week (ay!), but tonight was sweet. I got to show them the picture of me riding the bull, and of me posing with the Don Quixote statue (ay, mi novio!). They thought it was pretty hilarious. I also said some intelligible sentences in Spanish to someone other than my teacher, which was awesome.

Please pray for the rest of the week, for the possibility of work in the new area, for wisdom in how we use our time. I plan to go tomorrow to a little lunch place called "The Happy Belly," and to conjugate verbs and chat with the owner, if she'll let me. Pray for open doors with that. My friend's also going to the gym; pray for her trainer.

Thank you for praying!

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