Had a great lesson with my language tutor today. We talk pretty much every class about church history, tradition, and the Bible. Tomorrow we're supposed to discuss his question, "Why have Protestants had so much less impact on their culture than Catholics, in terms of art, literature, music, buildings, hospitals, etc.?" I need prayer for that. I'm really having fun with these discussions, though; I have a lot of respect for my teacher for not getting offended when we talk. Please keep praying for him.

My friend and I prayer walked this afternoon in an area close to her house, where she wants to start a new work. It was a neat time together, and we stumbled onto what looks like a Church of Christ church. Pray for wisdom about that. It would be pretty neat to connect with another work; it would be really excellent if it's a healthy, functioning church.

Later, I attended a Bible study in a poorer area. At one point I was pretty much living in a sort of breathless terror that the cockroach I had just lost track of was busily making its way into my pant leg. It's a different world here, for sure. This particular family has only one believer, and the family's life could be much better if the men were attentive to their families' wellbeing. There are really no open doors with the men right now, and not many with the women. The men look like gangsters (are gangsters) and the tiny children run wild and unattended, half-feral. The family needs life change. Please pray for this family and others, that God would really change hearts.

Thank you for praying!

Oh, also, I sang in Spanish tonight at both houses. It was sort of bad, but I think they enjoyed it (whether for its own sake, or at my expense--doesn't really matter). So there will be more of that to come.

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