Dear IBC team: when you come, do bring warm things to wear at night. There is no respite from the chill here at night, and you will appreciate whatever warm things you have. Just saying.

Today I had my English class, and I talked about Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, Hero, and Mean Girls for more than an hour. I had to tell the story of each movie to my teacher. Do you have any idea how little sense Mean Girls makes when you're trying to explain it in Bad Spanish in a different cultural context? So we didn't get to talk about yesterday's subject, but it was good anyway. And my homework is to conjugate about 130 verbs before Monday. Ay.

This afternoon my friend and I drove out to beautiful Guanajuato, which has the most amazing, beautiful system of tunnels connecting it. It was really glorious. We got to go up on the mountain and see the whole city (left) and see some of the really beautiful buildings in the city itself (above).

Isn't it beautiful?
Hey Don, I like your space hat!
 We also got to visit the Museum of Don Quixote iconography, which had some amazing works of art. My friend and I got to take some pictures with a statue of Don Quixote (or, as I affectionately and obnoxiously call him, Don). This was a real blessing as this has become one of my friend's passions. And what was extra cool was that we had free admission. I don't know why we did, but it was wonderful.
Delicious flower enchiladas
After our museum visit, we got to eat at this really swanky restaurant, and I had the "Frida Kahlo," which is enchiladas filled with flowers, decorated with a stamp of the artist's face on the plate. It was pretty cool.

All in all, today was a pretty excellent day. Tomorrow is prayer walking, another visit to the feria to give G a Bible (Pray that he'll still be there and interested), and then a Bible study in the evening. And, somewhere in there, I'll be conjugating some verbs. Good times.

Thank you for praying!

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