Today was really sweet. My friend has a friend in the church who has a heart to start another church in her own neighborhood, so we went prayer walking around her neighborhood. I cannot tell you how much I love meeting Christians from other cultures and seeing their passion. Tonight I attended a Bible study with a family in Medina, and they were amazing--we were reading John 3, and the dad took a moment to talk about how the people see Mary as the mother of all of them, as their provider, and about how Jesus is who He says He is in John 3. It's hard for me, with my history as a Baptist, really even to quantify what it means to worship so many other things. How often people attribute miracles to Mary, and how often they claim to see her, but there's no connection with Jesus--and He's the one with all the power.

I was able to work on a couple of Spanish songs today, so I should hopefully be able to play and sing them on Monday of next week. I also got my talk for Saturday written out and translated via a website. I checked it, and it looks decent. I'm going to have my friend look over it and see how best to present it on Saturday.

Tomorrow morning my friend and I have English hour from 10 to 11 at the local Krispy Kreme (Awesome. I totally want to eat a donut.). Please pray for that, that people would come, and that we would be effective in our interactions with them.

Please pray for us to be able to schedule our time most effectively. I think it has been hard for both of us to get genuine rest, and we need that.

Immanuel team: this is a video I took at the Feria. This is part of what it's like at night; it's pretty amazing. I hope you find it interesting.
Thanks for praying for me!

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