Bare-Bones Update

Hello, dear friends, and the Internet!

I have to apologize; I've been a terrible, terrible blogger. My initial idea was to update this thing every two weeks, and, as you can see, that's clearly fallen by the wayside.

I am still alive; I haven't been eaten by aliens (though it was close there for a while), and most of the spiders in my apartment have fallen to the shoot-first-ask-questions-later impulse. My tracking and shooting skills are improving.

  • I have made some new Canadian friends and started attending a young people's fellowship on Monday nights. This gives me an opportunity to be around people with no agenda and no sense that I need to be trying to accomplish something. I've only gone for two weeks, but it feels good to be with them.
  • God has opened a nice door for me to be able to come alongside a new Iranian Christian and to be there for her and encourage her. God is always bringing people to Himself without my help; it's good to be there to watch Him work.
  • I have a neat provision of a car for the next three weeks. I'm using it sparingly, but it does give a wonderful sense of security to have something to drive home in at night if I need it. God provides beautifully.
Prayer Requests
  • I often feel very one-step-forward,-two-steps-back. I will have some kind of encouragement from God, then within the next hours or days I will doubt it utterly. I keep taking these mental beat-downs, and it's very hard to shake. Since I have come to Canada, I have been much more diligent in memorizing Scripture, and that helps, but I would appreciate prayer for the protection of my mind and for discernment in responding to my thoughts and my circumstances.
  • Please pray for me for wisdom in setting my goals here, and for wisdom in how to prioritize my time and relationships.
  • I have been discovering new depths to my stubborn, independent spirit. Please pray for wisdom and grace to work properly with people.
  • Please continue to pray for my landlord. She's about to make some crucial decisions, and she really needs Jesus. Please pray that she would have an encounter with the living Christ.
  • Please continue to pray for divine appointments and the boldness to take them.
  • Please pray for joy for me, especially as winter approaches and the days grow short. Pray for protection during this Halloween.
I really, really appreciate you guys. I covet your prayers.

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