This morning I was praying for opportunities to share the gospel. I don't always remember to ask for that, which is not good. But I was reading John 15, when Jesus talks about remaining in Him and bearing much fruit, and about asking in His name and receiving, because His Father is glorified when we bear much fruit. So I asked.

Then I went to the Friendship Centre. No one came for hours. A friend of mine came, but she's already a Christian, so, no dice. Then we had class, and I didn't get to talk to anyone. After the Centre closed, I was supposed to meet some people downtown. We were in a very busy place with lots of noise and crazy, so we eventually left and went to a restaurant, but a door never opened to share. Nada. So I got on the SkyTrain at around 10:45 or so and settled in for the ride home, when a huge group of people swarmed onto the train, coming back from a Gorillaz concert. They jostled each other for a few stops, and I had one guy almost on top of me. He apologized, and we started talking. I found out that he works in construction, and he found out that I work with the church. He told me that he had never been inside a church building in his life, didn't even know what one looked like from the inside. I was surprised; I would expect it from someone from another religious background, but this guy was a Canadian. He was very open to talking, and I was able to share with him the good news that Jesus came to build a bridge between man and God, so that man could know God. I got to share the gospel and my testimony with him. His name was Paul, and I got to share how another guy named Paul started out as someone who wanted to kill Christians but ended up as a hero of the faith who wrote thirteen books of the Bible because of what Jesus did in his life. Eventually this guy had to get off the SkyTrain, but he said he might peek inside a church sometime to see what was up. It's a step.

Praise the Lord for His interesting opportunities. I got to share tonight with someone who had never heard it before. Please pray for Paul.

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Iva May said...

Thank you for sharing! Asking the Lord to water the seed in Paul's life. Love you!!