Proverbs 25:25

As cold water to a weary soul, so is good news from a far country.

Tonight when I came home, I had a letter from Megan Garrett, a nine-year-old who goes to Kirby Woods, telling me she has been praying for me since she got my prayer card in February. She colored a picture for me, and wrote this verse: "I will send you the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, the source of all truth. He will come to you from the Father and will tell you all about Me" (John 15:26). I opened the letter, read it, and cried. I am blessed beyond measure to be in the service of a God who wakens the hearts of nine-year-old prayer warriors.

Please pray for my landlord. She needs the hope, direction, comfort, peace, and love that only Jesus can offer. Please pray that God will open her heart and make her curious about Jesus. Pray even for dreams of Jesus as she sleeps.

Thank you, Megan Garrett, and thank you, my other fellow-workers.

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