Finally on the field!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to send you a quick update on my life. I am finally in Mexico! I was in Orientation for 8 1/2 weeks in Richmond, Virginia, then I got to spend some time with my family and friends in the States, which was wonderful. I arrived on Monday in  Mexico City (the selfie was taken in the Zocalo—the central square of the city, which I think is the second largest public square in the world). The DF (Distrito Federal—the equivalent of DC in the States) is unimaginably huge. I know that it isn’t literally endless, but I have on good authority that it’s possible to live one’s entire life there—and work as a taxi driver—and still not know the whole city. The second picture is just a tiny slice of the city, seen from one little hill.

Tuesday was a bit of orientation and a bit of sightseeing, and it included dinner with two Ms in Mexico City. It was a really sweet time to meet them, and I had my first taste of tacos al pastor since October (that was significant for me; I had gotten sick in October and had avoided them ever since; this time, I ate them with no ill effects, which was a relief). Wednesday included visa work at the Immigration Office, and I am glad to say that I now have my Temporary Resident card for a year! I also got to drive for the first time in Mexico, which was a learning experience (Let’s just say that driving in Memphis has served me well). Yesterday my friend J and I drove from the DF, through the mountains, to Puebla, for a missions conference. It has been incredibly heartening to see how God has raised up Mexican missionaries for South Asia, NAME, and many other areas of the world. I’ve learned a lot just from what I’ve heard so far; last night the speaker talked about how the church exists for missions, not the other way around, and how the Bible was given so that people could fulfill God’s mission—of proclaiming God’s reign and inviting people into the Kingdom. He had an incredible perspective.

During the workshop times, I also got to meet a man who is working in a totally closed area, and I got to hear how God has opened doors for him to go and share in schools in his area by giving workshops. God is working in amazing ways here, and I look forward to getting in on that.

Prayer requests
  • Please pray for this conference—that it would open hearts of people to missions, and that churches here would get a vision for God’s desire to reach all nations. 
  • Please pray for me as I seek God’s vision for what I need to be doing and where I need to be focusing once I get to Leon.
  • God’s desire is to bless the nations through the Seed of Abraham. Please pray that I would be a conduit for that blessing, and that God would also give me practical ways to enter people’s spheres of influence. 
  • Please pray for my heart during this time of transition. I can’t even quite say how much I’m missing family, friends, and my new friends from Orientation who are spread out across the whole world. Pray that I would love people whether I feel like it or not.
  • Please pray for all of the logistical stuff that needs to happen over the next few weeks as I transition to life in Leon.
  • Please pray for people of peace, and for open doors for the gospel. Pray that I would speak God’s story with insane boldness.
  • Please pray for language tutors for me as I move back to Leon. I have a long way to go.
  • It has been incredible to see God provide for me here.  
  • I have a car (third picture below), for which I am still trying to think of a name.
  • I have Temporary Residence, and I didn’t even have to do any work for it on my end. There’s a wonderful lady, M, who is the lawyer who handles those things, and she guided me through the whole process and made it incredibly smooth. Pray that she’d get in on the blessing personally and that God would bless her for her work.
  • I have a place to live and a team to work with.
  • I got to spend Easter with my family and my church, which was an unimaginable blessing.
  • My feet didn’t swell from my plane ride. Huge blessing.
  • I got to share with my seatmates on my second flight on Monday. I was talking with a lady, V, and I was telling her stories about Jesus, and the man on the other side of her, S, from India, leaned over and said, “This is a very interesting topic of conversation!” I got to share the story of the Bible with them, what sin really is, and what the love of God really is in Jesus.
  • I got to share my testimony with M, the lawyer, in Spanish.
  • Most of my Spanish has come back to me, and I feel like some of it has even crystallized further in my head and heart. This is a massive blessing.

Thank you guys so much for praying for me! I really appreciate it!

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