New challenges/opportunities

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to update a little. Our team left on Saturday, at which point my friend and I promptly went home and crashed. It was a great week. We both loved being with the team.

On Sunday, I got to watch in Sunday school as a lady who's never taught before got up and presented her lesson. She was so excited and joyful, and I loved seeing her face light up. We also saw a lady tell the story of the Bible using the West Africa storying cloth. Seeing those ladies get excited about the Big Picture of Scripture is amazing. My friend is having me tell the story of the Bible using the 14 Eras next Sunday morning, so that's definitely a prayer project--how to narrow it down, what thread to follow, how to do it in Spanish? Please pray for me; I want to do this in such a way that the ladies leave really encouraged and hungry to try it.

Yesterday was three solid hours of Spanish class. We talked a lot about the Eucharist. My teacher has apparently challenged multiple Baptist pastors to give him something that has more Divine Madness than the Eucharist. It was a difficult conversation, because I really wanted to go at it in English (how do you do something like that in a second language?). He still sees the contemplative life as somehow a better attainment than anything else; we've had lots of conversations now about lostness in the world and church history. I still contend that, while contemplation is good, it is better to read God's word and be obedient. I don't understand how you have a contemplative life without knowing basic things from the Bible. He suggested that I treat the Bible almost like God--but the Bible is the first way we know specifics about Him. We don't have another authoritative source, and the Holy Spirit doesn't reveal whole swaths of Scripture (generally--I'm not saying He can't) without the text.

It's a strange and confusing point of view, but I'm glad we're talking, just for the way we do see things differently enough to challenge each other well. Please pray for him. I'm heading back for class again from 11-2 today. Pray for my wisdom.

Tomorrow and Friday my friend and I intend to do a lot of follow up with the people we met last week. We'll be in Real del Rosario a lot on Wednesday, and on Friday I intend to head to the Centro to see if I can meet up with the girl I met at the Danza last week. I intend to head out there with Irma, so we'll see what happens. Please pray for all of our follow up. Pray for fruitful conversations.

Thank you for praying!

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