Following up

Hi everyone,
My friend and I went out today to Real del Rosario to follow up on our contacts. I won't lie; it was tough. I do not do follow up visits well; I feel super awkward, then I am awkward, and then they feel awkward. The lady I talked to for a long time was out in the street, talking to someone else, but she wasn't super excited to see us. The guys in the little factory were more positive; one of them had been reading John a little. The English speaker I had met with Tonya wasn't home, and neither was a girl who had been really excited that we were passing out Gospels in her neighborhood. I did text the first lady, but I haven't heard anything yet. 

The one really good open door we had was the guy at the bubble factory. My friend and I are going to pick him and his family up on Sunday to take them with us to CPD, which is awesome. And the timing of all our visits with him was perfect because his boss wasn't there. When his boss had seen the Gospels that Brock and Louie had passed out, he had taken them, torn them up, and thrown them away--and told people to chase us away when next we came. But this particular employee is pretty awesome, and he's open to having some kind of study, maybe, in his house, above the factory. So that was pretty cool. 

Tonight holds a couple of Bible studies, and I need to be preparing to share the Big Story in Sunday school. I'm partly done outlining it, but I'm pretty terrified about the rest. 

Please continue to pray for open doors here, and pray for wisdom for me as I prepare to leave next Thursday. I really want to know where God is directing me for the future, and how.

Thank you for praying!


louie porter said...

Jen, the guy that we talked to, which had broken English, told us he was the boss. He said he lived there. He accepted us well and wanted to study.I wonder if he wasn't the boss ? Or maybe he's the boss not the owner ? Give me some names to pray for.

Jennifer said...

Hi Louie,
He was the supervisor but not the owner. The owner is the hostile one. The friendly one's name is Tirzo.