Today we went to Medina, a lower-economic-stratum neighborhood to the north of the city. A few families have gotten a heart for the poor and have offered a breakfast every Saturday for women and children, as well as a women's Bible study, children's classes, and some tutoring for school. I was fairly useless; so far my Spanish works mostly if I only have one thing to concentrate on, and my brain is tired today. But! The lady who started this and who teaches the Bible study has organized a special breakfast next Saturday, and she asked if I would talk for ten minutes and introduce myself. This appears to be a way to honor a guest. I hope to write something out in Spanish and practice it this week, so I can present it next Saturday. Pretty exciting.

A local transformer--shout out, IBC youth group!
I've gotten to meet some of the people that I've prayed for when I've read my friend's newsletters, so that is pretty amazing. I also found myself totally surrounded by children this morning, asking me to say things in English (I can do that!). They whistle by pinching their lower lip together and blowing through it, which astounds me. I showed them my really loud whistle, which got them excited, so we all had to calm down before their class. They were totally cute, though.

I also have discovered that this area is a lot like the city I grew up in--5000 feet above sea level, very dry, with punishing, blinding skies when cloudy. There are also little stickers in the grass, which get caught in socks and shoes, just like in Zimbabwe. Same small pepper-type plants, bougainvilleas, totally crazy. Children playing with dirt, chasing cars selling ice cream. It feels strangely familiar.

Tonight's plans include possibly a visit to the gigantic local fair, which sounds really exciting; and my friend and I also have to get things together for the missions banquet tomorrow, which will focus on India. Yesterday we experimented in making naan, which turned out pretty well. Tomorrow's menu includes butter chicken, naan, raita, and chai to drink. Should be pretty exciting.

Pray for the mission banquet--that people wouldn't be overwhelmed by the thought of missions, but that they would be passionate about telling people about Jesus. I think there's an extent to which our evangelical friends can really end up overwhelmed. Pray for my brain--it is super tired, and I'm just not hearing people clearly when they talk. The dialect of this city is also different from anything I've studied or reviewed--platicar means "to talk," and they use that more often than hablar or decir. Lots to learn. I need to have reasonable expectations for myself with this.

Thank you for praying!


Anonymous said...

JEN!!!! We miss you so much and we're praying for you everyday.I know you'll be a great inspiration to people and Mexico and will share God's love awesomely. You should text me when you get a chance. That transformer is swagalicious by the way.

Kristen James said...

hey girl! Its Sarah. we miss you and we are praying for you. I liked the youth shout out:)we don't have music on Wednesday anymore because you are gone:( I see you are having a fun time. we miss you and we will see you in a little bit:)

Kristen James said...

hey girl! this is Sarah (from church) we are praying for you and we miss you!

Jennifer said...

Thank you guys for your comments! I really appreciate it. I would have loved to Skype with you this morning in Sunday School, but there was no way with the schedule we have. I miss you guys! Come to Mexico!