Crazy Sunday

Hi guys!
This morning I went to the main church that my friend works with. They're the same group from the prayer time on Friday night. I think I'm going to see a lot of them. Anyway--they sing a lot of songs here. They start out singing songs, then do announcements, then songs, then greeting time (like Immanuel's greeting time!), then more songs, then the offering, then more songs, then the sermon, and I think more songs. I loved it. A couple of songs came from English, but others were genuine Spanish, which was awesome. And for one song they actually assembled a praise team--two guitars, a bass, a violin, and a saxophone (Transformers, we have so much more potential than we know!). After the service, I hung out with some little kids who just killed it on the guitar and made me feel like a total tyro. I need to learn some Spanish guitar from some chilluns.

The sermon itself was . . . interesting. There was one point when my friend and I gave each other the side-eye simultaneously when we realized that the speaker had only just finished his introduction. Still, it was pretty good. He talked about God's desire to bless the nations, which tied perfectly in with the missions banquet this evening.

We finally left the church at around 2, and we had to be back at 5 for banquet prep. We had made the dough for the naan and the sauce for the chicken tikka masala yesterday, so we had cut out a couple of steps, but it was definitely a marathon from the moment we got out of church to the moment we got back to the church. We made naan for 40+ people (Mom! I made bread!), and we pulled the meat off of four chickens for the chicken tikka, and we cut up cucumbers and tomatoes and onions and cilantro for raita for forty. Then we booked it to the church and got there about 5:30, and I started my giant pot of chai. I also wore my Indian clothes, which made a lot of people laugh at me and think I was a weirdo, but it was worth it. I also got to connect with some MKs. I bonded with them by accusing them of attempting to poison me, and we were friends.

The meeting itself was really great. Everyone loved the food (some took some home!) and the speaker was really solid. He talked about why missions is God's only plan for the world, and why Mexico needs to own its responsibility. It was excellent. He talked about Adoniram Judson in Burma, which I loved.

I also got to have some neat conversations--in very bad Spanish--about missions with a couple of ladies. Several people asked me if I would be willing to stay in Mexico. I need prayer for this stuff, because my yes is on the table. I just need to know clearly what next step God wants me to take.

This coming week is going to be pretty busy. I start my classes tomorrow at 10. I'm excited but also a little nervous. I am loving working with my friend.

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