Like water, like salt.

"The first time I went to a church was in Germany. I was on a holiday, and I was in Dusseldorf. My friend and I were walking, and there was a church nearby. We heard the music of the church, so we went to see what it was. We went inside, and we felt it was a very holy place. When I was in that church, it felt like water all around me, and I just wanted to jump in the water. You know when a person falls in the water and dies because he can't do anything, can't swim? I wanted to go in the water like that, stay there forever. Now, when I go to church, it's like the pastor says, it's like salt, and I just want to stay in the middle of it, all the time."
-H, 21 August 2011

* * *

"Then He who sat on the throne said, 'Behold, I make all things new!'" (Rev. 21:5a). I'm watching these days the forming of newness in a friend. She's new to Canada, and she's been through a lot, and it has served to bring her to Christ. Every now and then when we get to talk about the Bible and what she's learning, she looks at me with this wonder in her eyes. It's so new and beautiful to her, and it's encouraging to me to watch it. We were at her family's apartment a few weeks ago, and we ended up talking about where she had read in John, and she looked at John 8 and looked at me with liquid eyes and said, "It's really amazing."

It is really amazing. I love watching God work in a person to woo her to Himself. My friend is being courted by the Almighty, and she's responding, and He's showing how beautiful He is. I count myself utterly privileged to be a spectator.

  • Praise God for His work in H's life! It's so beautiful to see her growing.
  • God has provided two laptops for the Centre, and we haven't had any real problems with attempted breakins in the last couple of weeks.
  • We are getting to watch several people grow at the Centre. God is opening some neat doors for people to come to Him.
Prayer requests
  • Please continue to pray for open doors, open hearts, and open windows.
  • Please continue to pray for protection and provision for the Centre.
  • Please pray for me, for boldness and preparedness to speak the word in season and out of season. Please pray against discouragement, and pray that I'd walk in truth and light.
  • Pray Romans 15:4 for me. 
  • Please pray for two Mormons that have started trying to meet with me. We've met once, and I asked them lots of questions, and they seem pretty keen to convert me. They're 20 or 21--very young. Please pray that God would work in them. Jesus came to destroy all of the works of the evil one. Pray that He would do so in their lives.
Thank you for praying,

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