Life Change

A family started coming to the Centre a few months ago, refugees from an embattled ethnic minority. When they came to Canada, someone connected them with the Centre and with a fellowship made up of people from a non-Christian background. Eventually they began to open up as they saw so many Christians from different backgrounds and countries all loving each other. The husband told us that, when he was young, he always wanted to talk with the Christians in his area, but they wouldn't have anything to do with him and told him to stay with his own people. He wouldn't have accepted a Bible from them at that point even if they had offered. 

When he came to Canada, He saw the love of the Christians he met, for him and for one another, accepted a Bible, and accepted Christ. His wife had had a vision as they were in the airport on the way to Canada, and when someone gave her a Jesus film, she realized who she had seen in the vision. She also accepted Christ. We have watched them change in this time. Their faces changed. They live with a new hope. Not only that, but the husband has become an incredibly faithful volunteer, and has reached out to people from other countries and backgrounds, even setting up a contact for me to talk to. They have practically nothing, but they never complain and are always gracious, grateful, kind, and generous. Being around them is a privilege.

  • Praise God for moving in the Centre and reaching people through the community of His people.
  • God provided a week or so ago, and we have rent already for next month, which is a huge blessing.
  • Praise God for the way He works in the world. He always works on multiple fronts at once.
Prayer Requests
  • Pray for God's protection on the Centre. When He works in a place, opposition typically rises. Pray that we would be wise in our communication with visitors and have discernment to see who God is working in.
  • Pray for open hearts to receive the good news.
  • Pray for continued provision, not only of funds, but of volunteers and teachers. Pray in particular for someone who could teach a basic computing class.
  • Pray for provision for our director and his family so they can devote more time to being in the Centre.
  • Pray that God would let me see where He's working and lead me to people who are ready to hear. Pray that I'd have great freedom and a natural witness.

Thank you for your prayers!

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