Life Change, Part 2

A man came to the Centre a few weeks ago, and I only heard his story today. He has lived in Canada for two years but has very little English and cannot find work. He was in a war years ago, and his nerves were so shot from PTSD that he hasn't been able to settle well anywhere. After he had been here maybe once, he came on a Thursday and ended up staying for a ladies' meeting (of all things) where he heard a well-known speaker share the good news in his language. The next Monday he was sitting in his house, and he was totally done. He was through with everything. He walked outside and ran into a man who said, "Follow me." He followed the man to the Centre, and when he arrived, the man was gone. A volunteer was sitting in the Centre, and the volunteer never saw the man. Our new friend came in and sat with the volunteer, who shared the good news with him, again in his own language. Our friend accepted Christ. He started to come to the Centre and hang out and read the Bible in the front, and he has gradually become a part of the community here. A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting at the desk while he talked with the same volunteer who led him to Christ. He said, "This is my new home. This place is full of peace and love." His whole countenance has changed. 

I wonder who the man was who said, "Follow me."

  • The Lord is answering prayers for people with open hearts. He is still working today.
  • Things are looking up at the Iranian church. Our new pastor and his wife are leading the people into doing more things together and, hopefully, to outreach.
  • I have a new friend who wants to come to church with me this Sunday.
Prayer requests
  • Please continue to pray for open hearts, open doors to share the gospel, and open windows of heaven for God to bless the Centre.
  • Please pray for protection for these new believers.
  • Please pray for the family I wrote about last week. Life is extremely hard for them right now. Pray that God would surround them with favor as a shield. Pray that their sons would be able to come to Canada.

Thank you again for praying! I covet your prayers. If you are part of a church, please feel free to share these requests with anyone who will pray.

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