Quite the Honor

Hi guys,
I have a prayer request if you see this within the next few hours. We were hanging out yesterday, minding our own business, when Dona Cadman's campaign manager walked into the Friendship Centre and asked if we'd like a visit from Jason Kenney (the Immigration Minister), Dona Cadman (the North Surrey Member of Parliament), and possibly a few senators as well. Canadian elections are coming up in a month, and so the candidates are stumping. They'll be at the Centre at around 10 this morning.

Please pray:
  • that the Centre will gain honor through this visit
  • that positive publicity will come through it
  • that the people who meet these politicians will have wisdom and grace in their speech (possibly me here)
  • that the people we've invited to meet the politicians would feel honored by this visit
  • that God would put the Centre on the hearts of some of these people
  • that God would bless the coming election and put it on the hearts of people to elect men and women of integrity and justice, regardless of party
  • that God would raise up righteous leaders in Canada, people who would be far-sighted and wise in their policy decisions and think about the consequences of their decisions many years down the road, and not just think in terms of personal reelection.
Thank you. Thank you for praying for Canada!

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Cassaundra Harris said...

Praying with you now...What an amazing opportunity!