Quite the Honor, part 2

So I got to the Centre a little late, and I worried that I would miss our visitors. Thankfully, they were later than I was. Dona Cadman and Jason Kenney came, looked around, and talked with our people. Jason made a donation (thank you, Mr. Kenney!), and they spent around half an hour at the Centre. We are expecting them to come back at some point, which is really neat. A cool thing about Mr. Kenney--he's really thinking about immigrants. Canada will be accepting 20,000 refugees from Iraq over the next few years, and he's looking to find out about and visit their communities. He spoke to some of our people in Urdu, some in Arabic, and I think he knows a few Punjabi words. It was a great visit. Mrs. Cadman said she'll probably donate some furniture to us, which is also really awesome. It would be neat to be able to give people something that had belonged to a Member of Parliament.

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