Canada--the land of nice

Good morning, friends,
I have been here in Canada for two weeks! Also, I am living in the most exciting city in the world, at the most exciting time in the world. Canadian commercials keep talking about the world coming to Vancouver for the Olympics, but the world has definitely been here for quite some time. I haven't had many opportunities to get out and meet people yet, but the time will come. Here are some ethnic groups I have already encountered:
  • Indian (Sikh)
  • Persian
  • Kurdish
  • Colombian (via Ontario)
  • Mexican
  • Lebanese
  • Iraqi
  • Kuwaiti
  • Moroccan
  • Canadian
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
And that's without trying.

For those who have been asking, I have found an apartment. It's four houses away from my Iranian friends. By the way, my Iranian friends spent three full days helping me clean and paint the place, and they have really shown me a lot about friendship and self-giving love, just in these past three days. God has truly blessed me with these friends.

Something cool that has happened:
Two nights ago, in Home Depot, my Iranian friends and I were picking out paint, and this guy came by, smiled, and said, "Are you Jennifer? You're the missionary! I just wanted to come and bless you and tell you it's awesome that you're here!" He told us his name, then he walked away. After a couple of minutes of puzzlement, we saw him walk past in the store, so I called him over and asked him how he knew who I am. As it turns out, he's part of a ministry of Royal Heights Baptist Church that helps men with problems by letting them live in a house away from the city proper and providing them with huge amounts of accountability. Many of these men are absolutely on fire for Jesus, and many have joined the church out of this. This guy in particular was so full of the joy of the Lord, and he asked if he could pray over us. In the middle of Home Depot, right in front of the paint counter, he prayed the blessing of Jesus all over us, and it was incredible to see this guy in love with Jesus in a land of undemonstrative people, willing to pray unashamedly for fellow Christians in the middle of a hardware store. God is going to do some really neat things through these guys in the next several years and beyond.

  • I have found an apartment near friends, and I have been given furniture for it. Talk about provision!
  • God is really working at Royal Heights Baptist Church
  • God has provided beautifully for me by giving me wonderful friends and wonderful supervisors
Prayer requests:
  • My team meets together this afternoon to define all of our roles together--pray for wisdom
  • Culture shock--pray that I would be gracious with people even when I'm struggling
  • Divine appointments
  • God's provision for the Friendship Centre
I love you guys! Keep me updated on how you're doing!

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