Where's the beef?

Image totally stolen from marriedtothesea.com. Hopefully they won't mind.

So here I am.

You'll all be glad to know I just got back from Waffle House, which I seek out primarily because it is a clean well-lighted comfortable, if a greasy and occasionally (okay, always) cold place where I can sit and be left alone for as long as I want, and where unlimited coffee comes my way for only $1.31. I haven't been there since October, when coffee was only $1.20, but it's still a small price to pay. There was a man there tonight, and I think maybe he was homeless, and I should have bought him a cup of coffee. I feel bad that I didn't.

I did drink some Darjeeling tea tonight (thanks, you). It arrived in the mail today in the form of several packets liberated from a Richmond hotel, and it was much appreciated and timely.

I'm praying that God would do for His people what He did for people like Elisha and Samuel; namely, that He would open our eyes so we could see the armies He has camped around us, that He would speak to us clearly so we could serve His people, that He would deliver our enemies into our hands, and that He would use us. Above all, that He would use us. What a big God He is, and what a shame it would be to miss out on what He's about.


julie said...

hey, i just found this off of facebook. ah, so facebook is good for something after all. ;)
i love waffle house.
you are funny.
and inspiring.

Charris said...

small n bitter
that's my jen