When I grow up, I will be a superhero.

Just kidding. I'm already a superhero; I just can't tell you which one (hint: probably not the Flash). Alas, this double life is a difficult one (where, oh where is my fainting couch?).

Ah, but yes. I am updating from work (gasp!) yet again! We're pretty much done with inventory en la biblioteca, and the next step is to wrap up everything we've taken off the walls. Currently, no one else is here, so, being the only person with a flexible lunch schedule, I am manning (yes, a feminist can say "manning") the front desk. Of course, by "manning the front desk," I really mean "listening to seventies music on AccuRadio and updating my blog." I have this thing all figured out, you see: Mr. Brown, the only one in charge, doesn't really care. It's a beautiful thing. As long as I outperform everybody but H, I'm good.

I've been reading all sorts of blogs by other people, and everyone else seems to have this philosophical thing going on, and frankly, I just don't have it in me today. I mean, who could philosophize while listening to Linda Ronstadt? Love has no pride, kids.

Ah, the train. And ah, the air conditioning. I must turn up the volume. Mmm. Fleetwood Mac. That Stevie Nicks is one crazy cat.


John said...

"You'll never break the chains, never break the chains..."

I haven't heard Fleetwood Mac in a while, I'm gonna have to find some. What exactly is "AccuRadio"?

julie said...

"where, oh where is my fainting couch" made me giggle.
oh, and inventory is such a pain. bleh.