Mango Tango

I wish they made mango-flavored drinks. The two fruit-based drinks I can get here at MABTS (yeah, that's right, I'm updating from work) are strawberry and "berry kiwi," which leaves an awful lot of room for interpretation as to what kind of berry juice it contains. The bottle says "raspberry juices" in the ingredients (Juices? Why plural? That sounds... visceral), but it also says "natural flavors," and I don't believe that for a second. But mango I think I could handle. Granted, it would be difficult for those chemical engineer dudes to come up with a mango flavor that tasted and felt halfway natural, but maybe that would mean they would have to include actual mango juice. Anyhow.

I was driving to work this morning and I had the most amazing thought, but it had disappeared by the time I arrived. You know, though, I'm glad for my drive to work. I end up taking Dogwood Road, generally, and it's one of those beautiful, two-lane, little-traveled roads in the middle of a busy city, and wood fences line both sides, and the trees meet in the middle, forming the most spectacular green arch over the road. It's especially gorgeous in the fall.


Gertie said...

They would definitely have to include actual Mango juice to come even close to tasting like Mango. I miss fresh mangoes so much I'm about to cry. My mouth is literally crying out for mango.

So yeah, will you be living at home or what? LOL I left the same comment on your facebook wall. I'm just trying to cover my bases.

Gertie said...

Yay, when you click on my name it goes straight to my Livejournal. Sweet.