Explanation for why I'm having my head bitten

So four of us girls at Union took this class called America and World War back in the day (Fall of Junior year), and we were thick as thieves. We wrote all of our papers together (not as in collaborating, but as in hanging out together in the same room to write), and generally hung out so much that Dr. Carls took to calling us the "fearsome foursome." Dr. Lindley got wind of it and changed it to "The Four Horsemen" (of the Apocalypse--he is perhaps slightly less positive in viewpoint than Dr. Carls). Naturally, we were delighted, and immediately got together to assign each other names. I became War, C became Pestilence, J became Death, and G became Famine--all entirely appropriate, because I am bloodthirsty, ruthless, and tactically minded; C is, well, pestilent; J's morbid; and G is skinny. Thus:
So the picture in the previous post is of Death biting me in the head. We don't normally attempt to eat each other's brains, of course, but it was the end of the semester, and we had just made t-shirts, and two of us had cameras, so we had to hang out one last time as a group. C made pasta (delicious!), and we decided to take pictures after we ate. The head-biting came from the natural tendency of any photo shoot to result in violence and zombification. If I can, I'll find the picture of me rising from the mists to attack. It's beautiful, really.

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