Weird places, weird people

Hi guys,
I am currently updating from the living room, where J and I are watching Nacho Libre, to the tune of cackles (J loves this movie). Today I went to Guanajuato to buy Christmas presents, and I ended up talking for about two hours with this guy in the street. It was interesting. He kept asking questions about the Bible, and then he'd interrupt me to tell me I have beautiful eyes--that he had never seen eyes more beautiful ("My mom's are better, trust me"). He kept poking my knee, then he put his hand over mine and asked, "What do you feel?" 

"Weird." I tried to move my hand, but his moved with mine.

"What do you really feel?"

"Uncomfortable." He backed off at that point.

A couple of minutes later he said, "You were hurt before, by someone who has the same eyes as me."


"Don't lie! You were hurt by someone with my eyes, and that's why you were showing fear."

"Really, it's actually sufficient that I'm talking to a strange man in the street, in a city I don't live in."

"Oh. That's right."

Sometimes I just take these situations and run with them for curiosity's sake. I did get to share the gospel with him, and he actually knew a lot of stuff from the Gospels. He asked me to explain the Parable of the Sower, so I got to ask him what kind of soil he was. 

I have basically embraced the idea that my life is going to include an awful lot of weirdness, and  have chosen just to go with it.

Well hello there

Last Wednesday I got my hair dyed grey because I can, and it worked wonderfully for a birthday costume party that I attended on Saturday (forest fairy makeup included above). There were some definite moments of "You're not in America anymore," for example, when I saw the cake, which had roman candles stuck in it, tilted toward the children. Or when we arrived, and the hosts were dressed as cannibals (black body suits, grass skirts, afros, and blackface--legit blackface). I can't make this stuff up. The redeeming thing is that there's not the same history here as in the US, so here it really just was a costume, with no meaning behind it. Nobody thought anything of it. But it was weird. Super weird.

I did get to share with a lady at the party, and she asked for my number, so it would be amazing if something comes of that.

Anyway, yeah, life here is weird. Just felt like sharing that.

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