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I'm trying to think about what to write for this post. On Friday this happened:

Frida is so serious.
My friend and I found ourselves in the house where Diego Rivera was born, where he lived till he was six, and which has now become a museum that holds some of his artwork, as well as paintings by some of his friends and frenemies. It also boasts a marvelous guided tour by actors who pretend to be Diego and Frida Kahlo, right down to the marital spats and insinuations of infidelity. It was ridiculously fun.

On Sunday we were able to witness four baptisms at CPdD, which was amazing. Two were men--one an older man whose daughter led him to Jesus, and the other the husband of the lady who frequently teaches the women's Sunday school. The other two were girls out of the youth group--the same lady who had led her own father to Jesus has spent a lot of time sharing with one girl, since she started dating the lady's son; and the other girl was initially dating one of the youth boys, and she started coming to church on her own when they broke up. Both are incredibly sweet. It was a privilege to be able to see them baptized, and then to see them take their first Lord's Supper.

Sunday evening my friend and I ended up hanging out with a girl that my friend met in the gym. She speaks great English because she lived in Canada for years (yay, Canada!), and she's been interested to study the Bible. She has a lot of problems, and a lot of feelings. I'd appreciate prayer for L, that God would work in her heart and that He would give us wisdom in how to keep up with her.

Yesterday I went to the local restaurant owned by a lady who does Aztec dance stuff. I had a long conversation with her, because I had a bunch of questions. I would appreciate prayer for her--just how to keep following up, and that God would work in her heart. How do you talk to someone who is just basically satisfied with where she is? 

Later, on the way to my Tuesday night Bible study, I was able to talk with my taxi driver a bit. He had lots of questions about my "religion," and it was really sweet to be able to share with him. I also saw him this morning while I was walking back from English, as he drove by. Please pray for him. Pray for divine appointments in taxis, and that I'd have wisdom in what to say.

Last night's Bible study touched on the atonement, and it was really fun to talk to my friend I about it. Please pray that these studies would be fruitful for her, and that I'd have wisdom in where to go next with all of it.

This afternoon I'm hanging out with one of the teenagers who was baptized. Please pray for wisdom in our conversation, and that God would open up cool doors while we hang out. My friend and I are also planning on checking out a coffee shop this evening as a possible event location, so we may take the girl with us. 

Please pray for the youth events coming up--that God would give us wisdom regarding our level of involvement, and that the youth themselves would catch a vision for their city.

Thank you for praying!

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