Update on the English class

Yesterday went well--actually, I think there was a direct answer to prayer. One of the ladies brought her brother-in-law with her to the class, which changed they dynamic yet again, and I think everyone there was more comfortable. We split up for the first part of the class, because I've been working with the ladies on specific areas of English, and we had a good time together. I'm actually learning from my Spanish teacher, the 17-year-old, and modifying assignments she's been giving me to help these ladies.

One interesting thing: one of the guys who has started coming stated, while the two groups were separated, that the Bible is too hard for us to be reading it. My friend initially thought he was talking about the language level, but after he repeated himself once we had all grouped back together to read Genesis 27, it seems more that he was indirectly saying that we don't have any business reading the Bible as laypeople and trying to understand it. Definitely a prayer request there--that he'd soften to the Bible.

Another request: pray for W, a lady my friend's been working with for a while. They were going through Romans 3 on Wednesday, and the lady said it couldn't possibly be true, that Paul was exaggerating to make a point, that she's believe Peter over Paul, because Peter was the first disciple. Pray for a softening toward God on that--that she'd believe the Bible, and that she'd even have a glimpse of her own heart that wouldn't let her get away from the truth of our lostness. She has a lot of weird ideas about cosmic energy and her dad's death that are major barriers to the gospel for her.

Thank you for praying!

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