Update from the road

Hi guys,
I am updating via my phone, from the wifi inside the bus that my friend and I are taking to Guanajuato.

Wifi. Inside a bus. And check out that leg room. The seats have a fold-down part that allows some actual reclining. I want to send a picture of this to every airline ever--what could be.

This has been an interesting week. My class this morning was cancelled, which is why we're taking a little afternoon trip to the state capital. On Wednesday, I was able to hang out with a girl who is studying in a university here. She lived in the Pacific Northwest for years, so she has great English, and I had a lot of fun with her. We tried guacamayas, which are really delicious rolls that are cut in half and then stuffed with fried pork rind, then covered with a salsa that has a large habañero quotient. The skin around my mouth is still kind of peeling off. Anyway, guacamayas are a serious Leon thing, so now I can say that I have some streetcred. The aftermath, however, was . . . troubling. (TMI?) 

Anyway, she and I talked a bit about what it might be like to do some university work. That's something to be praying for.

Another thing to pray for is our English class. We're trying to incorporate our young neighbor into the class. Pray that that's a good experience for him, that he'll be excited to keep studying, and that he'll have a personal curiosity about the Bible part of the class. Also pray for a talk we've invited the class to--we were brainstorming possible ways to get to know the people's families, and we hit on hosting a talk about parenting at our house next Friday. Our friends S and L will be coming. Pray for a continued interest, especially from one of the guys in the class, A. The other guy, O, told us he's flat-out not interested, but A is a dad and inquired if his wife was welcome to come. He said yesterday that he's not a fan of religion, but he finds the Bible stories interesting and wants to know what happens next. He has a lot of questions. Please pray for his openness.

We're also trying to find a way to hook this group up with a couple of Mexican church planters who have a group in their house. Pray for how that should go, who to invite to Friday's talk. My friend has discovered in her years of being here that it's really difficult to group people together, so if these guys can become part of a group and get to trust each other, that's amazing.

I would appreciate continued prayer for our youth meetings in September and October as well. I need to spend some time with a couple of the girls and see what they think of the coffee shop we've scouted out.

Thank you for praying!

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