Quick prayer update

Hi guys,
Could you pray for the VBS? We've seen some exciting things happening--like going from just a few kids on the first day, to 52 on the second, to 87 yesterday, and who knows how many today. Please pray for the logistics of it all. In the moms' class, we started with 6, and we were up to 15 yesterday. Please pray for the people who are working, for creativity and incredible unity in getting everything together. Pray that they won't be stressed, and pray that God's joy would shine through them as they interact with people from the neighborhood. Pray for the follow up to come.

The first day a lady approached my friend and asked if she was a Christian. She kept telling my friend that she just wants to know how to be a Christian. These are the kinds of things that just blow us away, especially as this neighborhood has generally been closed. Pray for open doors for the gospel, and pray that God would put a hedge of protection around the whole thing. The last day of VBS is tomorrow, and then the closing is on Saturday night. I think that the people who are hoping to plant a church are going to try to organize a worship night tonight for whoever wants to come, so please pray for receptivity to that. Please also pray that the workers won't be exhausted by everything going on, and that they won't experience discouragement once the excitement of the VBS has worn off.

Please pray for a lady named L, and her kids. I met her on Monday, and she seems very sweet and open. She has great English, from 4 years in the US. Pray for an open door for follow up with her.

Thank you for praying!

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