Belated team update

Hi! Sorry for the shameful lack of updates. We have been having a great time with the IBC team here. They are willing to do anything. On Sunday they came to church and endured hours of Spanish (I sang "I Can Only Imagine" in Spanish, and, except for trembling hands and voice, it went well!), then we went prayer walking in Via Magna with the CPD missions team, which was really sweet. Then the whole missions team came back to my friend's place and had a tamale party with our team. It was wonderful. I love watching the IBC team connect with their Mexican counterparts. Louie in particular has been amazing about trying to speak Spanish and just break down barriers.

On Monday we went to a place called Cañada de Negros, which is a large park about an hour outside of the city. It includes a dam, a petting zoo, multiple playgrounds made with large tires (Hello, my childhood!), horse rides, and a zip line. Sadly, neither of the latter two were available, but we had an incredible time with the CPD people. We had a big grill out with carne asada and chorizo, along with many salsas. I think what struck our people most was that Mexicans are talented at spending time together and having fun in simple ways, without lots of technology (no gathering around the TV) and with lots of investment in playing with the children. And some of those little kids killed it in the soccer game. 

Yesterday I went to class while the team prayer walked near my friend's house. Had a great conversation with my teacher. Do keep praying for him--that he would agitate in his church and ask questions. The team was also able to connect with some people as they walked, and found a man living in his car with his two sons. That man may come to CPD on Sunday; pray that he'd be hungry enough spiritually to do so. Then, because I apparently have the plague, they went to the feria while I stayed home, and they handed out balloon animals and met a girl who may be interested to do a Bible study with my friend.

I have loved having the team here. It has been wonderful to pray with them every night and to hear them share devotionals. Both of the girls have shared devotionals, and it has been so impressive to watch them speak and share with adults without freaking out or being openly nervous. I am pretty darn proud of them.

Today we're prayer walking again in Via Magna, and then we're doing a gospel distribution this afternoon in Real del Rosario. Please pray for open doors and for God to move. And pray for my health--I seem to have a sinus infection plus a head cold, or something like that. It's fairly miserable, and I do run a risk of developing bronchitis, which would lay me out for a while.

Thank you for praying!

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