Dear Internet,
Hi. I thought maybe if you still read this you might like some news. Since my last update (can it actually be almost three months ago?) lots of things have happened.

  • My family moved (crazy).
  • I got a job teaching (really crazy).
  • I got another job as a refugee case manager (previously unplumbed levels of crazy).
My practice working on boundaries in Canada is coming in handy. I don't have anything terribly profound to say. I'm learning lots practically about just being desperate for God to give me strength. Learning some things about not pleasing people. Getting opportunities to share that are unexpected. Learning new ways to be tired (and how). I still miss Canada, but I am more hopeful about living in the South.

Also, dear friendly Russian people who keep clicking on my blog (you pop up in the blog statistics)--if you're not blog-clicking robots automated on some computer somewhere--I hope you're enjoying it. I'm sorry I haven't written very much recently, and I hope to have more mental capacity in the future to be able to write. 

Have a great night!

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