Just a prayer update

Hi there, Internet. And also friends.

I keep trying to think of some clever thing to write about, and I really have nothing. I would appreciate some prayer. I have just over a month before I leave here (about 39 days?), and, whether it's hormones or the cold or whatever, I have been in mourning in advance. I've learned about myself that, when I want time to pass more slowly, I tend to stay up very late, because part of me hopes that, if I don't sleep, the next day won't come. I've been doing some of that, and I've been going a lot, because I only have limited time left with people, and I want to make the most of it. I feel like I'm learning new levels of tired all the time, even if I do get a proper amount of sleep. I want to draw people close and hold on to them, because I know I'll be leaving them soon, but at the same time I want to withdraw because I know that it's going to hurt to go. Please pray for me; this is tremendously hard. I'm trying to be where I am, but I also hurt almost all the time at the thought of leaving.

  • I've gotten to share or have good conversations with quite a few people in the last several weeks: a hairdresser, my Chinese friend, my landlord's new tenant, my landlord's friend's brother, and a little with my landlord. I have had more boldness to speak about who God is and about how Jesus is the only way.
  • I got to go to the dentist yesterday and have a good talk with my hygienist, with several people listening in.
  • God opened the door for me to speak on Monday night at Young Adults. I took twice my allotted time, which I'm still kicking myself for, but I think it went well and met some people in a place of need.
Prayer requests
  • Please pray for continued boldness and open doors for the gospel. Pray particularly for my landlord, for my Chinese friend, and for the new tenant. Pray that God would open their hearts to the gospel.
  • Please pray for me to finish my time here well, and pray for my heart in the meantime as it hurts. I feel lonely. I don't do well with transitions, and I tend to miss people, once I've bonded with them, forever. I have some really sweet friendships that I wish I didn't have to leave, and I want to be able to keep up with them. Part of me is scared that everything that has happened up here will suddenly fade away, and I know I will feel very isolated as I head back to Tennessee, because the monumental things that have happened in my life will only have happened in my life. Pray for God to provide people with patience to let me talk to them.

Thank you,

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