Overdue Update

Hi guys,
So sorry I haven't updated in a long time. I wanted to let you know what's been going on with me. In the last month, I have ridden some ridiculously awesome roller coasters (July 26), participated in Poetry Night (July 28) and read my own extremely amateur poetry, hung out with Iranian friends and made new friends (July 29-30), been to two weddings (August 4 and August 11)--the second of which was my brother's (Congratulations, Steven!), helped at my community center for a music festival (August 5),  sent off a friend to the Olympics (August 6), gone to Memphis (August 7-11), spoken at my dad's church youth group (August 8), hung out with old friends (August 8-10), hiked a mountain (August 23), been a tour guide (August 24), gone to Whistler (August 27-28), told the whole story of the Bible (August 29), helped out at a friend's photo shoot (August 29), and hung out with more Iranian friends (August 29). I'm also at the Arabic center on Tuesdays and the Iranian center three other days. It's been busy, but good.

Right now I'm struggling with being where I am. I keep wanting to look ahead over the next three and a half months to leaving this place. I'm trying to make time to be with people, and I really want to make the most of every opportunity. I'm struggling very much with not being bold, sometimes not even talking to people because I'm unwilling to invest in new relationships. I struggle a lot, though, with wanting to please people and avoid telling them difficult spiritual truths.


  • It looks like I'm going to get another opportunity to speak at Young Adults on November 5. I'm very excited about it, but I also need lots of wisdom. The theme this year is "Beloved Warrior," which is something I love, but I need wisdom on how to speak on it.
  • I have gotten to share the gospel and the uniqueness of belief in Christ in a pretty clear way with my landlord. Pray that it will take root and bear fruit.
  • I have gotten to share in small ways with several people recently. Please pray for followup with that.
  • It was really beautiful to watch my brother get married on August 11.

Prayer requests

  • Please pray for boldness for me, that I would fearlessly use Scripture and fight with the Spirit's sword. Pray that I would be more concerned for people's souls and less for their comfort.
  • Please pray for wisdom in priorities. Pray that I'd have clarity about who to spend time with and when. My time feels so limited now, and I have only a few slots each week to give to different people. I want to invest well in people in my remaining three and a half months.
  • Please pray for my emotions in this time of anticipating transition.
  • Please pray for me as I go back and evaluate what my time in Canada has meant and what God has taught me.
  • Please pray for a good person or people to move in to my apartment when I leave. Pray for new tenants who are Christians who will have a good testimony and who will share with my landlord.

Thank you for praying,

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