That moment when . . .

One of the most unbelievably beautiful moments of being a Christian in a cross-cultural environment is getting to talk with a Christian friend from another culture and realize that God is using you to provide answers to one anothers' prayers--seeing the way He works on multiple fronts at once. Every now and then the heavens open and the sun peeks through to reveal these moments of convergence.

I've been praying for a lady for some time--have had several of you, dear readers, praying for her. I've texted her a couple of times, to no avail, so today I got up the guts and called her . . . and got her voicemail. But she called me back, saying she was delighted that I had called her, and would love to see me again soon, only it would definitely have to be soon, because she's starting a program studying Chinese medicine at a particular college, starting May 21. When she told me that, I got excited, because I realized that a good Christian friend of mine is starting that same program. I told the lady, and she was pretty happy, then I called my friend and told her. My friend was delighted; just today she had been wondering if she was ever going to have any friends at this school over the next four years. So this was an answer to prayer, delivered at just the right time. Isn't God incredible?

Another amazing thing: this friend and I have run into at least one other person independently of each other and both witnessed to the person--and both planned to give the person a Bible at the same time. Several times it's seemed that God was giving us this amazing way of working together. She's one of my biggest supporters at the new center, bringing people to the class I'm teaching, and we have had some amazing times together. So I am super beyond excited to see what God is going to do with this new situation.


  • Praise God for His convergences, His ability to work in so many ways, across so many fronts, at once.
  • My class is going well. It looks like I may be teaching it twice every week, which is definitely cool.
  • My landlord's roommate moved out yesterday, but I got to talk with him on Sunday night and share several Bible stories, my parents' testimonies, and some of my own story. Finally I feel like it's an opportunity I haven't wasted.
  • God has been speaking some neat things into my life through the Scriptures. I've had several days where I was absolutely certain people were praying for me at specific times.
  • I went to Young Adults last night, and the speaker mentioned that she had started her study in Deuteronomy after she had seen how foundational it is to the whole Bible when I told the Big Story. Tremendously encouraging, to see God using me and using His Word to provoke change.

Prayer requests

  • Please continue to pray for divine appointments. Please pray for boldness for me, and pray for help with fear; I almost panic when I think I see an opportunity, then I freak out and back away. Pray for victory in this.
  • Please pray for God to bring growth from the seeds that have been planted.
  • Please pray for provision for both the ministry centers here. 
  • Please pray for my potential meeting with this lady, and for an opportunity to introduce her to my friend.
  • Please pray for protection over the new seeds and new growth in people's lives.
Thank you for praying for me!

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