Hi guys,
I just want to let you know what I'm doing. We've started a community center, and I'm there three days a week (two days are half days, but it doesn't always end up that way). We're having our grand opening April 14, and so far we're doing everything by word of mouth. We had a Norooz party last Saturday, and 24 people came, but we haven't had many visitors this week. Currently we're developing programs to give people reasons to come. Mine is on Cultural Adaptation (culture shock, mostly), and I'm starting it April 21. I'm still trying to develop the class so it will be quality material. I won't lie; I'm kind of nervous about it. Also, I'm speaking on Monday at the Young Adults group, storying through the Bible. I cannot tell you what a fierce mental and spiritual attack I've been under this week as I've been preparing. Please pray for me regarding these teaching and speaking opportunities. I believe God wants to do something on Monday as His Word goes out. Please pray for His power to shine through my weakness. Pray for His protection over me and the community from the attacks of the Accuser. Pray for my focus and ability to organize my thoughts. Pray for me to be able to connect with some of the friends I've lost track of in all of this transition. Pray for wisdom in prioritizing my time.

One praise is that I get to speak at all; that's a huge encouragement. Another is that I got to hear an awesome testimony last Saturday that I need to share with el blog. Another is that we have a refrigerator now at our center.

Thank you for your prayers!

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