I'm mulling on a couple of things to write about, but I don't really have them right now.  At the moment, I'd just like some prayer. I'm struggling a lot with feeling lonely, and, to be truthful, it's the sort of lonely I have in Memphis anyway, would have regardless of where I was. Pray for me, that God would meet me in this loneliness, that He would be my hiding place, and that the joy of the Lord would be my stronghold. One main thing is that I'm anticipating leaving in several months. Another is that the young adults' group I attend is emphasizing solidarity groups a lot this year, and no one asked me to be in a group last year (I was new, and I didn't know anyone well enough to try to form one--didn't know who was or wasn't in one), and I don't think anyone's going to ask me this year. I don't want to try to lead one, because the commitment's supposed to be till July, and I most likely won't be here then. Anyway, it's a little thing, I know, but I feel very left out, especially on nights I know some of my people are meeting. Lots of groups meet Thursday nights, so those nights are a bit rough for me. I'd appreciate prayer just for peace and for God to provide community maybe in a different way, if I don't end up in a solidarity group.

Other prayer requests:
  • We've had several attempted break-ins at the Centre. No one's gotten in, but the attempts are really frustrating. Pray for protection.
  • We're having a conference October 7-8. Pray that God would put it on people's hearts to come.
  •  I'm going to end up in Saskatchewan from October 19-26. Pray that that would go well, that my speaking in front of a church youth group would go well, and for good times with the people I'm going with.
Thanks again for praying.


Olivia Sund said...

Praying for you, Jennifer!

Mrs. Pankhurst said...

Thank you, Olivia! I really appreciate it!