More Answers to Prayer!

1. My house is no longer for sale. My landlord took it off the market due to inactivity!
2. I've been praying for the Lord to bring to the Centre people who are just totally ready for the gospel. A guy came in several days last week because he felt the place was peaceful and ended up staying on Thursday night to hear a well-known speaker share on the gospel and the nature of God in his language. He came again on Monday, where one of our brothers was there to talk to him, and he accepted Christ! I saw him yesterday, and he said that the Centre is his new home, because there is peace and love there. I said (through a translator) that peace and love are there because Jesus is there, and he agreed. Jesus is our peace! He breaks down the dividing wall between people.
3. On Monday one of the guys who handles the finances at the Centre went to the bank and saw that we only had $1200 in our account. $3000 was due on Tuesday. He went back to the Centre prepared to tell everyone that we didn't have the money and would have to move, and the guy who was at the Centre said, "Look in the donation box--someone came in and left a check." For eighteen hundred dollars. The Lord is good and provides for His children!

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