The Silence of the Saints

Back in February, I was praying to see where God was working one day, and as I was standing at the bus stop this lady approached me with an expression that said she had had an adventure that morning. I smiled and greeted her and ended up with the story of her morning. She also told me that she had lost her job in December and was looking for work. At the Centre, one of our Arabic brothers had been telling me about the many times God had provided jobs for him, so I told this lady that. I told her that I am a Christian and will pray for her, and God will give her a job and take care of her. We exchanged numbers and parted. About four days later I was reading in Genesis and seeing how God could speak to Pharaoh through dreams, though Pharaoh didn't know Him. I prayed to see Him working and communicating in the life of someone who didn't know Him. As I left my apartment that morning I got a voicemail from the same lady, asking me to call her. When she answered her phone, she said, "Did you really pray for me? Because I've been praying and God hasn't answered my prayers, but when you prayed for me, I got a job. I think God listens to you more than He listens to me. Let's get together for some tea soon."

Fast-forward to April. Both our schedules have been crazy. She had to drop out of work because her back went out and she was sick, then her mom came into town, etc. I've been running around like mad across the lower mainland. Finally, this weekend, we made plans, and I ended up at her house last night. I didn't get to share much of anything overt with her, but I found out that she watches the "Jesus of Nazareth" movie every Easter (she's from a different religious background), and she's appalled that the schools here in Canada don't teach the real meaning of Easter. She's from England, and they learned about the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ in school when she was young--though she believes He died just for Christians (something a bit backwards). She said something to me last night that broke my heart: "Did you know that when you told me, 'I'm a Christian,' you're the only one that's done that since I've been in Canada?" She's been here for at least 18 years. "I guess there aren't many of them here anymore."

I know that in western culture talking about spiritual things openly is like taking your pants off in public. We have surrendered a lot to our culture. People can talk about their sexual exploits and their drug habits and everything else, but talking about Jesus is strictly taboo. We can't live that way. We just can't. I know there are lots of Christians in Canada--I run into them sometimes in transit when I start conversations with them and start to tell them what I'm doing here. Why are they silent?

Why are they silent?

  • God seems to be opening doors for me in my immediate vicinity. The lady from this story lives a few houses down the street, and I've made several other contacts quite close to where I live.
  • God sent us some money at the Centre the other day.
  • I've gotten to share some really good conversations with a couple of people.
Prayer Requests
  • Pray that God will stoke the hearts of Canadian Christians to be passionate about the lost around them and unashamed of the gospel. Pray for boldness and passion that overcomes social conditioning.
  • Pray for continued provision for the Centre.
  • Pray for continued divine appointments with women and for women open to participating in Bible study. Pray for wisdom for me in terms of follow-up.
  • Pray for me that I would be filled with the Holy Spirit as I meet with people and get into conversations with them. Pray that He would give me wisdom, boldness, and love.
  • Pray for the softening of people's hearts to the gospel.

Pray for revival in the West. Pray for the Spirit of God to come in power and reshape us.

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