Things I love about Middle Easterners:
  • They are very affectionate with each other. In my culture, a fully grown man could not kiss another fully grown man on the top of the head without some kind of consequences. In this culture, it happens. I did not realize how accustomed I had become to middle-eastern closeness until I was hanging around with some Americans a couple of weeks ago. I invited a lady to sit next to me on a couch, and she sat on the other end of the couch (we had a whole cushion left totally untouched between us!), and I thought, She's really far away. Did I do something? Then I realized that that's just normal American space. With the people I'm around, if there's a whole roomful of places to sit, they will sit next to you, so that you are not alone. I like that.
  • They frequently use endearments like habibi and habibti, doostam and -jan (at the end of a name--"soul" or "life"--equates to "dear"). They're a bit like Southerners that way ("honey," "darling," "dear," "sweetie," etc.).
  • They are very proud of who they are and where they come from. They are not self-conscious about their origins.
  • They love to feed people (and their food is incredible).
  • They are often very expressive and even outspoken.
  • They often like just to sit together and be.
I frequently wish I could video some of my friends somehow, just to share them with all the people I love back home. I feel tremendously honored and privileged to be allowed near these diverse cultures and families. It is not always easy, but I would not be anywhere else.

  • I made it safely to Kansas City, MO and back, and I got to see my parents, which was a real blessing.
  • I got to attend a Baha'i devotional meeting last Friday, and they've invited me back (and have potentially asked me to do a Bible study).
  • I am growing in my friendships with people in the Iranian church.
Prayer Requests
  • I would like to start a Bible study this month with people from my people group.
  • Divine appointments--the longer I am in Canada, the harder it is for me to talk to strangers on public transportation, etc. (I am acclimating to the culture, and I have been learning a bit about who not to talk to), and I really need prayer for boldness.
  • Please pray that I would not make decisions based on what I can see but on what God can and wants to do. It is very easy for me to be discouraged and think I have nothing to offer, but as a lady reminded me on Sunday, God didn't choose the strong; He chose the weak. Pray that His strength would be made perfect in my weakness.
  • Pray for wisdom for me in sharing with this Baha'i group.
  • Please continue to pray for healing, restoration, and reconciliation in the Iranian church.
Thank you so much for praying for me!

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