The Day the Earth Stood Still

I am happy that Keanu Reeves finally got a role that allowed for his acting skills.

On a more serious note, I didn't post anything yesterday, did I? Drat. I've been trying to be good about that. I have, for the past, I don't know, two years or so, not been much for writing in general. Maybe grad school does that. But I'm trying again, though really, in this particular context, it's odd to write to the Internet (Is anyone out there there there there?), because my general feeling is that the less the Internet knows about me, the better. Eh.

Watched The Day the Earth Stood Still with the parents. Thoroughly annoyed with the whole we-are-destroying-the-earth thing, humans-are-the-enemy. It comes out of this evolutionary background, and what kills me is that people use that stuff to moralize when it is really based on a worldview that sees ultimately reality as fundamentally arbitrary, therefore amoral--therefore, why do you care? Why be all guilt-centered and self-righteous about something that's basically arbitrary in the end? Be consistent with your worldview. Stop hijacking the Judeo-Christian ethic of taking care of the earth; it doesn't fit your evolutionary viewpoint. If there's nothing out there--even if there are aliens out there, but no moral creator--it does not matter. If there is a Creator who is moral, we have to answer to Him, and we had darn well better shape up, but not because of politics or movies or guilty consciences, but because we answer to the Holy One.

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